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LE FOTO! [Jun. 22nd, 2007|05:51 pm]
[Current Location |Dublin, Ireland]

Alright, the internet cafe' here is great...they're letting me borrow an SD Card reader for my pictures, and the computer has Photoshop so I can resize them all as needed. Awesome.

Painted on the wall inside our hostel. It was appropriate.

St James' Gate. Standard.

View from atop the Guinness Factory...of course.

Amy was unable to finish her free pint

Dreary Dublin, why do you do me so wrong? -- Picture from O'Connell St.

James out for a morning stroll

But J.J., whatever happened to your face? Disgruntled readers? Perhaps....

Galway, and I just like taking pictures of cool-looking avenues

Of course

Galway...another street, another picture

Some will get why I took this....most won't

Beautiful Doolin, with our hostel to the left.

On my walk to the pub that night

...and then the pub itself. The band and some of the crowd.

The next morning, on the walk to the Cliffs.



Morning breakfast

The sheep ran away when I tried to pet them :(

..and this cow wanted to eat me.

Danger is my middle name.  Note the hungover hair that I have.

Oh...for real?

A very Rocky Balboa picture, no pun intended.

...I have no shame.

But I do have that hungover hair.

...Some Cliffs I guess...apparently they're popular in these parts?

More pictures of cliffs

Eh...more of these so-called "cliffs."  ;)

Translation:  Don't fall, you may die.

Back in Galway -- I liked it.

On the following door.....I'm glad I'm not the only one!

That's all I have for now.

...I do have video, but it's taking an unnecessarily long time to upload to Youtube.  Remind me to do it later...or just wait until I get back.

That's all for now....see ya soon, Milan.
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If you thought you knew rainy days... [Jun. 21st, 2007|10:22 pm]
[Current Location |Dublin, Ireland]

...then apparently you've never been to Ireland.  I thought Florida was bad, but the weather here is ridiculous.  When it's not raining, it looks like its going to's sunny about 5% of the time, which sometimes is all you really need.

Let's see, it's Thursday (day 5)...let's see if I can get everyone up to date -- no pictures yet though.  I'll see what I can do to get them up in the next few days!

Whichever night I wrote the last blog -- that night, Amy and I went out with one of our South Dakota roomates.  We wandered and found some pub where all the patrons were Irish, bought our beer and sat down at the back of the bar as we watched them play poker, dance to 80s pop, and watch WWE wrestling.  That was fun, but after a few beers we sought out for something else.  On our way out of the bar we walked past a woman sitting down smoking a cigarette at the door and I politely said "excuse me, sir" to her as I walked by.  In my defense, I had already drank a few beers, she had a really short haircut, and not the most feminine of physiques...NOT MY FAULT.

Anyways, we walked awhile to the Temple Bar area and stumbled in to a packed bar at about 11:00.  Much to our dismay, they were closing soon...we still managed to get a few beers in us before we headed to the next bar.  For those keeping track, the beer count at this hour is 5.  So we head to another bar that looks hoppin', and I high five some guy wearing a Red Sox hat.  The sox fan directs me to his friends -- all from Massachusetts, and Red Sox fans.  I talk to them about the usual Sox chatter -- how much the Yankees suck balls, how the Sox are doing lately, how much of a waste Matt Clement is, etc etc.  At this point, Mark (the South Dakota guy) is hitting on one of the girls in the other group, Amy is being a sorrysport and doesn't want to drink/do much of anything, and I've had about 9 beers (an assortment of Smithwicks, Guinness, and Harp).

Just as it starts to pick up at the bar, Amy wants to go home -- and I've got to walk her home.  So after 10 minutes of walking the wrong way, and 25 minutes of walking the right way back to the hostel, she finally gets back.  Then it's a 10 minute or so walk back to the bar -- I had told Mark and the rest of the people we were hangin' with that I would be back.  So I get back to the bar.......and it's closing.  DAMN.  So no more drinking, though the walk home did include me drunkenly conversing with a number of Irish kids at the mart when I went to buy a candy bar, as well as me offending some Scottish girl that we were talking to by calling her English (on purpose).

Somewhere in the mix of that night, we made friends with this old Irish guy who was too drunk for his own good as well as his wife who wasn't too happy with him for reasons unknown.  Marraige counseling sessions ensued soon thereafter.

So yeah...that was that night.  The next day, I didn't do much else but sleep, mail postcards, sit inside due to rain watching BBC news (the best) and Irish soap operas (the worst).  In the afternoon, we had 8 asian roomates move in to our quiet and empty room.  It was no longer quiet.  -- At some point that night, Amy and I went out (when it wasn't raining) to find some food...the only place that was open nearby was a pizza place, so we got a bite there.  Immediately upon finishing, it started to downpour.  Being the idiots that we are, we decided to go back to the hostel in the rain anyway.  While all the Dubliners were standing safely under the overhangs in front of the buildings on the street, we ran back to the hostel in the pouring rain.  Yeah...we were soaked from head to toe.

So we get back, and all our roomates are sitting around playing a card game.  They insisted I sit down and play, so in my soaking wet clothes, I played the card game they were playing (they were playing "bullshit," by the way, though they called it by a different name).  I found out amongst the playing that they were all Malaysian students that just graduated from university in the UK, and they were on a 3 day holiday in Ireland...I also found out that they were extremely good liars (except for two of them, who were just terrible).--If you've ever played "bullshit," you will know what I'm talking about. 

It's amazing how universal a deck of cards is.

Next day.....we bussed it out to Galway, and found that it was impossible to get to the Cliffs of Moher and back to Galway in time to make it back to Dublin that night where our room was.  After an hour or so of being in shut down and trying to figure out what to do, we called up Karl over at the Aille River hostel and luckily got a room for the night.  We took a bus to Doolin (pop 200), and met Karl, the owner, who had a really strong English accent and an even stronger politeness with basically everyone there.  He showed us around, and told me to head to McDermott's that night for good food/beer/music.  Amy soon got sick and regrettably had to stay in, but I set out on my own.

First of all...this town of Doolin == a fantastic place.  Very small, which is what I love...great landscape, nice people, just enough around you to be happy, but its not too abundant where it's grossly commercial.  Perfect.

Anyways, so I set off for McDermott's.  Got a beer, sat down, ordered some beef stew, and struck up conversations with the people at the tables to the left and right of me.  To do Robert Frost a favor and put this in a few words -- the stew was fantastic, the beer was cheap, and then the music started.

Which was great, they played for a couple hours, I drank a lot, gave an old woman a hug (she was celebrating her 80th birthday) and bought her a beer.  At the end of it all, I stumbled home quite intoxicated in the near-dark on a small road with the rest of the Irish.

The morning after, Amy was reinstilled with life -- she threw up, making her instantly better.  We talked to Karl, advising us on the best 7km (around 4 miles) walk through the Irish countryside to the Cliffs of Moher, as well as telling us about the bus that stops up at the Cliffs to take people straight back to Dublin.  We thanked him for his hospitality and left.  We set out through the some of the greenest hills, muddiest ground, and most dense areas with packs of cow and sheep that I have ever seen.  On top of that, we probably got the best views possible of the Cliffs that anyone will ever get to.  Don't are pending.  During the walk, we thanked the gods for not raining on us and actually allowing the sun to peek through the clouds -- that 5% of sun that Ireland gets can make the greatest difference in the world!

After that, we got some postcards, took the bus back to Dublin, and now we're here.  Spending our last night at the hostel (checking in to a B&B tomorrow), and I'm about to head out of here and get something to eat before I get back and go to sleep.  I hope you all enjoyed the unnecessarily long narration of the past few always, I love the comments, so keep them flowing.

Other than all that, I'm just excited to get back to Italy...I've gotta buy new shoes (what better place), seeing as how I wrecked my $6 pair of brand new shoes that I wrecked walking through the mud on the way to the Cliffs...completely worth it though, in my most honest opinion.

So in a few days I'll be saying so long Ireland, and thanks for all the rain...and back in Italy, the way it should be.

Ciao a tutti, le fotografie arriveranno presto!
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So yeah... [Jun. 18th, 2007|04:59 pm]
[Current Location |Dublin, Ireland]

It's our second day in Dublin, and I've already managed to find my way on to a computer.....yikes.

Anyways, I honestly have nothing to say, which is exactly why I'm here saying things.  I've always felt that it's the right thing to do.

Dublin, so far, is eh.  So far it really seems like every other big American city that I've encountered...NYC (but smaller), Boston (but more Irish), Philly (with less cheese and less steak).  The 'spirit,' as I think every city should have, isn't here.  Well...maybe it is, but I can't seem to find it.  It's not as welcoming as I expected, though it's not nearly as cold as Manhattan -- and no, I'm not talking about temperatures here.

Oh yeah, and the sun set at 10:30PM last night....that was strange.

Anyways, after a long flight of babies crying for 7 hours, we finally made it in Dublin.  We took an opportunity to catch up on much needed rest for the first afternoon here, and sought out to find something of value that night.  So basically, we walked through nearly every street below the river Liffey, found a nice comfortable pub, sat down, and had a Guinness.  And let me assure you, the Guinness here puts our imported stuff to shame.

After walking around town, we settled in for the night.  We woke up for our breakfast in the morning, and we both agreed that since it was so early, the best move was to go have a beer -- at the Guinness factory across town.  We got word that walking there was not we walked there.  Yeah yeah...we did the tour and everything...which actually was one of the better tours that I have taken.  We got our free pint at the bar, sat down to have something to eat...I took a picture of the view of Dublin as well as Amy not being able to finish her free pint, and we left.

That brings us (and this very short blog post) to right now.  Amy is passed out at the hostel -- she can't take city walking like I can -- and I'm here on the computer, writing this blog while helping the French girl (who speaks limited English) how to use a computer. 

What fun, I suppose I wouldn't have it any other way....
....unless I was in Urbino

Ciao a dopo
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My body may return home...but I think my soul may stay here. [Aug. 8th, 2006|09:58 am]
[Current Location |You know where I am by now.]

Here we are again, for what seems like the last time...I just got back in from Venice last night, and I've got an hour to go before my final class before my exam, so I will write a little to you.  For those who were hoping to see a mass amount of pictures from Venice, just wait, I'll be home soon.

I don't think I can really describe what went on here in the past six weeks, both with pictures and in much has changed, and I'm sure I'll only really realize it when I finally get back home and see that most (not all) of what I left has not really changed a bit.

So...the question still remains: how does one leave paradise?  ...It's been lingering in me for awhile, I still have yet to answer it.  For the disbelievers - and I'm sure they exist - I guess its something you cannot begin to understand until you are actually here, do the things that I do, see the things that I see, and live what I have lived.  As one of my friends here said (who also enjoys philosophy, critical thinking, and all those finer things in live): ...I didn't believe in God until I came here, because how could something so beautiful be created by random chance...

That thought was his idea, I put it in my own words...but we both share the same sentiments.

......Yesterday I was curiously looking at my passport, at a picture of me that was taken in March.  What I saw was someone not necessarily different from me...but nowhere near the same.  Aside from the face that was significantly pale, I saw someone who merely thought he knew shit about anything.  In simplest terms, instead of looking at myself from a few months ago, I saw myself as being 2 or 3 years younger.  ......When I was talking with my friends earlier about how being here would be like going in a time machine (as far as maturity goes), I wasn't kidding...and I wasn't at all incorrect.


Aside from all that "serious stuff," and all those strange things I say that make my friends look at me weird and think of me in a more awkward way......I'd really like to say that I'm happy about all the comments I received during the course of this journey.  When I said that they were the only running motivation for me to come home, I wasn't kidding.  

But I do miss home.  Don't get me wrong, as beautiful as life is here, it is just like my well-travelled, Italian friend says: "same shit in a different toilet."  Above all, I miss my family.........if there's one thing from keeping me from accidentally missing my flight and living out here for the rest of my life, it would be that.  I miss Guinness (not the beer), I especially miss Monday night dinners, and everyone at those Monday night dinners (you all know who you are).  I miss my friends, and CoD until 5 in the morning...I definitely miss the most random of shit, like Taco Bell (which we are ALL craving, not just me), and things like a nice juicy steak, or Red Robin (which I plan on going to - along with Taco Bell - right when I get home).  I suppose I do miss the conversation.....although not really.  Over these weeks I've developed such a love for the Italian language that a strong distaste for the English language has been boiling inside me.  Baseball.....I miss baseball.  Playing basketball....I miss playing basketball.  Softball, of course I miss that too.  I miss sleeping in a comfortable bed, but I would gladly trade my comfortable bed in to have the view that I have here every morning and every night.  I actually do, believe it or not, miss school....the thought that's inspired from it, as well as the conversation that is born out of the thought.  ...Writing my senior thesis this year will be everything I hope for, I'm sure. 

But...among all the things I miss about home (and I really hope I didn't forget any...because I'm kind of on the spot here), there are things I will certainly miss about Italy.  Without a doubt, I'll miss all those crazy nights at Bosom...I'll miss the delicious lunches and dinners at the mensa.  This goes without saying, but I will miss gelato.  More importantly, I will miss the people...their friendliness that you can't really find anywhere that I have looked in America.  I will miss random Italian conversations, not only with me participating in them, but also in the random people that I pass by that speak in Italian.  I will miss being at the centerpoint of Europe, and meeting people from England, Scotland, Ireland, Norway, France, South Africa, Morocco, Albania, Germany, and all over Italy (from the north to south).  I'm sure I've missed more countries, but those countries represent most of the people that I've met.  .....Even right now, as I type this, I hear a couple speaking in German (and the woman is pretty hot (and sitting right next to me).  I will miss..........................

I really don't know what else to ramble on about now....and I know that there is a time for many words, and there is a time for sleep.  I have no words, so I shall



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Madonna mia............ [Aug. 4th, 2006|01:21 pm]
[Current Mood |tranquillo]

.......................oh, if you guys only knew.
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...Counting the days [Aug. 3rd, 2006|05:33 pm]
[Current Location |Urbino, Italy]

Yes...counting the days.  ...Not until I get back home, but until I come back out here again.  What does this all mean?  Well.....if all goes well, I want to live out here next summer.  Mom, save the heart attack for later.

The days I have here in the city I love the most are dwindling down.....every night here this week...and, coincidentally, every day from here on out will be a party.  (3 weekers, I'm sure you're killing yourself now...we're doing Bosom every night).

I'm really not sure about when my plane gets in...I'm 99% sure that its 12PM EST.  When I checked my ticket, it said that the flight leaves at 10-something in the morning.  I have no idea how long the flight will be, so I have no idea when a 10AM flight to JFK will arrive.  

But, what's worse is the unpredictable....and, knowing France, the unpredictable is very likely (especially now, with a flight coming from ITALIA).  I think - and hopefully I'll have enough time to do this - is call from France before I'm leaving, and let you know.  BUT, if you need to know now (if you have to get the tickets for the train beforehand), then I'll check with Rosetta the next time I see her. more worries.  Amy, like that song says "It's all beer and whisky and songs from now on."  Well....the Italian way is "All wine and pasta and partying until the morning from now on."  

Oh boy...things will never be the same back home.  I hope you guys are ready.

....Does anybody want anything specific from Italy?  I'm going to try and bring as much vino e l'olio home as possibile, but I'm going to kick my Jew shopping habits in to high gear to buy some other souvenirs (because my budget is suffering so much).  ...And if I don't get you anything, well then....Dio, aiutarmi.

Also, if any of you figure out how one can become capable of leaving paradise, let me know.  Did they make that drug yet in America?  Probably....

Oh yeah, how about that war that's going on in Lebanon now?  We're stuck in a bubble full of tranquility here...we're all completely ignorant as to what's going on in the rest of the world.

Also, what the hell are gas prices?

Ok....I'm done rambling.  Ci vediamo.....a domani o dopo domani.

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Quando a Roma... [Aug. 1st, 2006|03:35 pm]
[Current Location |Urbino, Italy]

Hello all...I just got back from Rome last night, took my exam this morning, and now I'm here with you fine people to show you pictures.

To respond to some of your comments (which really are my only reason for coming home).....

Mamà, I believe my flight comes in to JFK at 12PM (6PM, yes...but in Italy time).  I'll re-check that with Rosetta, but that's the consensus among all the students.  

That Dostoevsky sign...I didn't translate it then, but it reads:  In this place, between 1869 and 1869, Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostovsky finished the romance novel "The Idiot."  -- Pretty simple inscription, I don't know why I didn't translate it initially.

"Berlusconi merda" translates to "Berlusconi shit."  Berlusconi being the former Prime Minister of Italy, the person who wrote the message obviously wasn't a fan.

And whoever busted my balls for wearing the same clothes.....if you knew how broke I was right now, you would understand (200€ remaining in my pocket with a week and a half + Venezia).

But...I'll quit stalling.  Rome at its best:

View from the ferrace (fake-terrace) in our room. colosseo

From the second floor, looking in to the underground section of the Colosseum.

From the outside...probably the only picture I have that has the entire building in it.

Tablet on the outside of the, I can't translate this one.

Arco di Costantino (Arc of Constantine) : taken from the Colosseum.

I don't remember the name of this building...but its one of Mussolini's palaces.  Also contains the tomb of the unknown soldier.

Naturally, the Pantheon.

View from atop the Spanish steps.  ...I missed getting in to the Keats-Shelly museum, I was pretty upset about that...sorry, Helen.

Old Roman ruins...I think this one was a temple built sometime in the first century.

The Piazza Navona

The front of the Vatican early Monday morning

The view of the Pope's gardens from atop the dome at the Vatican.

Another picture from atop the dome...this one is of the front of the Vatican.

Inside the church...this time a picture of the real Pietà

Hallway in the Vatican museum.

...And then they told us not to take pictures of the Sistene Chapel.  .......So I took pictures (and video) of the Sistene Chapel.

And then a picture of the centerpiece of the Sistene favorite part, the Creation.

TUTTO VERO.  More calcio di Italia supporters.

And....of course, during the bus stop on the ride the most randomest of places....another Dante sighting.

Sorry everyone, I don't have nearly enough pictures of Rome (compared to all the pictures I took in Florence)....on the plus side, I took plenty of video (of the Colosseum, Pantheon, Sistene Chapel, Vatican).  

One big fuckup.....I didn't get any pictures of the Trevi Fountain.  I didn't have my camera during the first night (which would have been the most perfect night to take pictures there, because there were only about 20 people there), and every other time I went, there were hundreds of people swarming the area.  So.....I'm sorry about that.

Keep the comments coming, I have to go for now.  Because I was an idiot and didn't buy the 2€ pendants of St Catharine and St Christopher at the Vatican, I have to find them elsewhere.  I'm also shopping around for a cheap belt (because my 5-year old belt finally wore out and broke), as well as some other random stuff.

Ci vediamo a presto....però.....troppo presto.  :(

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Questo è la mia vità [Jul. 24th, 2006|04:08 pm]
[Current Location |Urbino, Italy]

I don't even know if the line in the subject is grammatically correct...oh well.

We just got back from Florence last night.  It was, with no surprise to me, the best part of my trip so far.  There's so much I would like to explain and show to you...but there's so much that is unexplainable about this trip in general.  ...Trying to explain Florence would be even worse.

I have 37 pictures (out of about 75 pictures that I took in the day I was there)...and I'm sure you're all getting very upset about the bandwith hogging.  Well, get used to it, because I'm not stopping.  

Picture from the park overlooking the city...proof positive that I was actually there.

Another picture (sans moi) from the same park.

Within 5 minutes of walking around the city....first Dante sighting.

Piazza della Signoria....the statue of Perseus with the head of Medusa.

The entire Piazza della Signoria.  The Fountain of Neptune to the right.

Second Dante sighting....his monument outside the Uffizi.

On my way to Dante's house....

...and finally, Dante's house (or so they say).

Inside, they had this poster...written on it is La Divina Commedia in its entirety.

...Outside his house.

On the walk after dinner the first night......yet another Dante sighting.

And then....strangely enough.....a Dostoevsky sighting.

Breakfast the next morning...this shot was taken on the terrace from our hotel.

Piazza della Republica

The other side of Piazza della Signoria, the building you see is the Palazzo Vecchio.

View from the Uffizi.  You see the outside of the Uffizi (where all the monuments are), as well as the Palazzo Vecchio and The Duomo.

View of Ponte Vecchio from the Uffizi.

As I was walking around, I decided to take a rest from the heat on a park bench in the shade.  After being there for 20 minutes, this guy shows up with a bunch of bird seed, stares at the pigeons for 5 minutes, then starts feeding him for about a half hour.  He was this close to me, but never looked at me, spoke a word to me...just fed the birds and then left.

The back of Sante Croce.  It houses the tombs of Machiavelli, Galileo, well as monuments to many famous Italians, many paintings, and an old private Chapel for the Medici family.

Inside Santa Croce.......another Dante sighting.

...And also one of the many pieces of art in Santa Croce.

...outside in the cloisters of Santa Croce

And another shot of The Duomo

An avid Berlusconi supporter (note the sarcasm)

So...what are the things that I didn't get pictures of?  Well...I went to Accademia and saw Michelangelo's David (absolutely unbelivable).....and as if that weren't enough, I went to the Uffizi were I saw Botticelli's Primavera and Birth of Venus (Amy, you would love it). if THAT weren't enough....I saw The Adoration of the Magi and Annunciation by Da Vinci, as well as the work he did on Verrocchio's The Baptism of Christ.  I got chills just being in the same room as these paintings, and probably looked like a pazzo (madman) when I sat there staring at them.


Now....I know you're thinking "wow Shaun, great trip!"  If only that were all I did in Tuscany.

On the way home from Florence, we stopped at this castle (yes, a castle) for dinner.  Apparently Rosetta knows the man (who is a count by the way) who owns the property, and he was glad to have us there.  This is Tuscany at its finest.

.....Within 5 minutes of being there, they popped bottles of champagne for us to drink on their terrace.  Now...I've heard of southern hospitality, but this was way better.

Rosetta translating everything that the count (in the white suit) was saying to us. of my favorite parts.  In the basement of the castle was his wine collection....this is one side of the room.

...and then the other side.

Just a close up at a corner of the room

The important wines that he kept locked away

And, if that weren't enough, another room (adjacent to the one you just saw) with more stacks of wine.

A room with cheese that had been aging for 6 years.  They fed us this cheese during the champagne.

In the haunted room in the castle.  It is said that the General who once inhabited the room was assasinated and now haunts it.  ......I maintained that I didn't care if it was haunted, I would gladly live there.

Why would I live in a haunted room?  ....Because this is the view.  The best of Tuscany.

The general had a wife.  When he went away, he would put this chastity belt on her.  Yeah, that's right, a chastity belt.

We went to another room that housed a bunch of books.  This one contained old papers....the date reads 17 Maggio, 1879. if the champagne, cheese, tour of the house (and the torture chambers during the Inquisition), and the 4 course dinner wasn't enough....this guy makes his own wine, olive oil, lemoncello, and meat.  Here he is graciously selling us (at very cheap prices) the wine that he makes (which, in this region, is Chianti).

If only you understood the magnitude of this trip.  "I guess you just had to be there."

Also....postcards going out today, I hope you all get them sometime soon.

Next - Rome

ci vediamo
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(no subject) [Jul. 20th, 2006|12:20 pm]
[Current Location |Urbino, Italy]

We are all very sad here...all the 3-weekers are gone, and I have more pictures.  Also...keep the comments coming, its the only thing that will make me want to come home.


Dinner and drinking on the terrace

The slightly buzzed game of 'never have I ever...'  ..where all the truth comes out.

...And afterwards, a failed game of flip cup.

Last night for the 3-weekers at Bosom.

Oh Bosom, ti amo.

Luca attempting to get down with the girls...Josh in the background looking sick from all the alchohol.

True pimps

Outside the bar, shootin' the shit.

Laurens B-Day == unnecessarily large drinks.  Grazie, Sandra

These drinks were done in a matter of a few minutes.

Everyone was in on it

Our favorite bartenders.  My love, Sandra, to the far left.

...Later in the night.  I think this was the second (or maybe third) shot that they took.  These kids are 15 years old....corruption at its finest.

...Once they got drunk, they were champions.

Taken by the newspaper shop.  Points for the first person to translate what it says WITHOUT BABELFISH.

Last night in the Piazza for all the 3-weekers.

...And the last walk down Via Mazzini (AKA, the Death Walk) for all of them.  Arrivederci, Urbino.

Saddest night of my life.

Also, Andrea and long lost brother from Taranto.

Oh yeah...also, you can see my screwed up eye.  We think a blood vessel burst in it during the night that I was THE asshole.  Stop worrying, ma...I have eye drops for it.

Tomorrow- Exam
This weekend- Florence (WHOOOHOOO)
Weekend after that- Rome
Weekend after that- Venice
Then....home :(
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Scusi, posso fare una fotografia? [Jul. 18th, 2006|02:46 pm]
[Current Location |Urbino, Italy]

All right...I finally resolved the problem with the CD-R, and I have pictures for you all.


Thought it was suitable to take a picture of my room.

The collection of media that I have from the Italy v Germany and Italy v France games.  


From Perugia...

...Also from Perugia.  I was not as impressed with this city...and the 'famous' Perugian chocolate was nothing that great either.

St. Francis church at Assisi

...Also at the church...our tour guide, Massimo, was the best Italian speaker we've had yet.  Well spoken, distinct, and slow...good enough to make me understand at least 90% of what he said in italian.

The view from the church at Assisi...yeah I saw the tomb of St. Francis as well, what are you gonna do about it?

Another church in Assisi...I forgot the name.  Sorry.

In the same church.  The significance of this picture is that if you look at the perch on the right, you will see a white dove.  The story says that one day the dove made a nest in the basket that the statue of St. Francis is holding and has been there ever since. 

That night, we all went to this discotheque in Rimini called Prince.  Apparently its this big-time club that celebrities go to.  It was somewhat was fairly big, had a waterfall, 3 bars, and plenty of gorgeous italian women (unfortunately, none of which I got with...I'm still workin on that, its much harder than you think).

The next afternoon, I went for a walk to the country.  I took a picture of the famous 'death intersection.'  Its the intersection we have to walk through every day to get to class. hour later, I was in the sunflower fields in the country.

...And then got somewhat artistic.

Hawaiin night at the Bosom Pub...taken in the piazza (I didn't go in the fountain this night).

...But I did go in the fountain this night.  This is from the infamous GnT night.

...Hugging the wall to hold myself up.

From the auditorium where we watched the championship game versus France.

Figlio di, figlio di
Figlio di puttana
Zinedine Zidane
Figlio di puttana

This would have been a great picture if I could learn how to keep my eyes open.  Im pretty sure this one was taken before the game started.  From left to right: Andrea, (Matteo, Michelina, Myself, Adriana, Fara - the dedicated bunch), and Carlos.

...This is only some of the mayhem that ensued after the game.  The match ended at midnight and there was a party in the piazza until the sun came out.

And...once again...I was in the fountain.

That's all for now.  I'll try to get more up on Friday...but no promises.
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